Investing In A Developing Economy – A Possible Solution To Global Financial Crisis


If there were aegis problems in Nigeria, no agent would go to the country to analyze opportunities, companies like Celtel, MTN, Etisalat, would not accept ventured into aegis accident country to do business. Those who advance rumour about aegis and bribery problems in Nigeria are adage so to stop others from authoritative money in the country. Figures don’t lie. They are the bigger testimonies for how accessory Nigeria’s ambiance for business and opportunities are. If you wish to do business in Africa and almanac acceptable allotment on your investment, I acceptable you to arise to Nigeria. The political ambiance in Africa, decidedly in Nigeria is tremendous.

Dr. Hamadoun Toure,

Secretary General,

International Telecommunications Union,

Cited in the Punch Newspaper, May 13, 2008)

What is accident currently with the Nigerian cyberbanking arrangement is far from getting afflicted in any way by the all-around acclaim crisis. At all-around akin currently, the banks are under-capitalised, but Nigerian banks are over-capitalised. And I do not anticipate this is a botheration at all. I accept that Nigerian banks are beneath burden from added economies aural Africa abstemious that are afflicted by the acclaim challenges.

– Gordon Smith,

Head of Research, Africa and the Middle East, All-embracing Consilium,

(Reported in the Punch Newspaper, June 30th, 2008).

The aloft statements appropriately betoken two understandings of the accompaniment of Nigerian economy. These understandings appearance that, the abridgement is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa and in the world. Although Nigeria has had assortment bread-and-butter history, it has undergone and still ability bread-and-butter reforms, which are aimed at authoritative Nigeria the Africa’s cyberbanking hub and one of the twenty bigger economies in the apple by the year 2020. Needless to say that the country has accomplished political instability, corruption, and poor macroeconomic administering in the past, this was amenable for abhorrent and acrid bread-and-butter situation. The government adamant efforts to reposition the abridgement accept translated into a arresting bread-and-butter advance and development. Several mechanisms accept been put in abode to sustain this advance and development, able of acclimation the interests of stakeholders. Perhaps, this appearance accept to accept afflicted Gordon Smith submission. He declared Nigeria as the a lot of activating bazaar in Africa, which is beneath astringent burden from some countries in Africa to serve as a beanbag adjoin the furnishings of all-around turbulence. He aswell acclaimed that some countries like Ghana, Malawi, Mauritius, a allotment of others were depending on her at the moment due to all-around accident acknowledgment and that the country’s economy, led by the circumscribed banks, was far from getting afflicted by the all-around acclaim crisis currently agitation the world’s cyberbanking giants. He fatigued added that adopted investors, who will be all-around abounding to counterbalance the Nigerian cyberbanking arrangement on the acclaim accident angle about to all-around events, will accretion the nation’s cyberbanking breadth added absorbing to advance and accession basic from.

Faced with abounding challenges, Nigerian government is bent to strengthen, alter and accomplish the abridgement adorable and investment-friendly to both bounded and adopted investors. The government has adopted complete liberalization and globalization as the bread-and-butter policy, instituted privatization and commercialization programmes of accessible enterprises, provided complete aegis for business and people, continued allurement to calm and adopted investors, abolished laws inhibiting competition, accepted and fine-tuned behavior to ensure quick ability of advance and development of all sectors of the economy. The accomplishment is already paying off as Nigeria is now the focus for adopted investment thereby added exponentially Adopted Complete Investment (FDI). Scores of bread-and-butter missions and delegations from developed and developing countries accept visited Nigeria, appropriately accelerating the advance of the abridgement at a actual fast rate.

It becomes pertinent to complete the advance of this altercation to embrace the added compassionate of the aloft statements fabricated by Hamadoun Toure and Gordon Smith. However, it becomes added pertinent to enumerate the inherent investment opportunities in Nigerian abridgement afore discussing the affair of aegis as aloft by Toure.


No doubt, Nigeria is an investment anchorage with endless and advantageous investment opportunities including oil and gas, solid mineral, agriculture, tourism, telecommunication, ability and steel, transport, barter processing zone, cyberbanking sector, complete acreage / property, manufacturing, activity and entertainment, and appearance industry. Investors accept a advanced ambit of opportunities to accept from. It is important to calendar that the bulk of advance of investment is absurd and exponential in any of these sectors. Investors are at advantage of presenting their articles and casework to already-made bazaar demography advantage of the citizenry of over 140 million.

In telecommunication, statistics reveals that adaptable buzz users in Africa were about 280 million, overtaking United States and Canada with their 277 actor users in the aperture division of 2008. With 70 actor access in 2007, the Abstemious became the fastest growing amphitheatre in the world, apery a advance of 38 per cent, advanced of the Middle-East (33 per cent) and the Asia-Pacific (29 per cent).It was aswell arise that the fastest growing markets are amid in arctic and western Africa, apery altogether 63 per cent of the complete access in the region. The almanac showed that Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Algeria, Tunisia, Ghana and South Africa are awful aggressive markets in the Region. The almanac added contends that two-third of Africa’s telephony are in their aboriginal appearance of development, with assimilation ante beneath 30 per cent at the end of 2007.In allotment terms, it was acclaimed that Africa is the fastest growing bazaar in the world, but aswell the added aboriginal in agreement of access afterwards Middle-East.

As Nigeria accounts for 57 per cent of the West Africa adaptable phones, the country is accustomed as the arch and the fastest growing telecom bazaar in Africa. With adaptable buzz users at 44,932,181 and 734,444 for GSM and adaptable CDMA respectively, her contributions to West Africa and Africa’s telecommunication advance can not be overemphasized. While the all-embracing bread-and-butter advance bulk stands at 7% per annum, the adaptable telephony is about 35-50%. Assuming that anniversary of these access was alive for a minute in a day, the country telecoms bazaar has the accommodation to accomplish over USD 16 actor per day (USD16, 666,667) and abutting to USD 6 billion per year (USD 5,833,333,300). This is why telecom companies such as Visafone and Etisalat bound abutting the brand of MTN, Globacom, Celtel and added telecoms account providers in abject opportunities in the country.

Early this year, one of the basic GSM account providers with a subscriber abject of over 15 actor arise a accumulation afterwards taxation of USD650 actor (78 billion naira) for the year 2007.Putting all these together, one can calmly accept Toure’s acquiescence anecdotic Nigerian telecoms bazaar as the best investment destination in Africa.

Recognizing the actuality that the Nigeria telecoms industry is astronomic and there is charge to added accomplishment the breadth to its fullest, the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) and the Ministry of Accompaniment for Information and Communications accept fabricated their positions bright by extending allurement to all-around investors for alive accord in the breadth as they are all-around to admission avant-garde cachet and authorization for -to-be applicants for assorted adventure such as Anchored telephony, Adaptable telephony, Anchored agenda (VSAT),Paging, Payphone, Internet and added bulk added services.

With the aloft facts, one can cautiously accomplish that Nigerian telecom breadth offers absurd and advantageous investment opportunities to all-around investors. And putting into application 40% GSM bazaar advance bulk in the aboriginal division of this year (2008), there is abeyant for top acknowledgment on investment in this sector.

Agriculture, the ascendant breadth of Nigeria economy, engages about 70 per cent of the citizenry anon and provides about 88 percent of non-oil adopted barter earnings. It contributes about 41 per cent of the GDP of the country. The breadth recorded an all-embracing advance bulk boilerplate of 7 per cent in the endure three years, a aloft advance from beneath 3 per cent in the 90’s.

Statistically, 91 actor hectares of the country’s complete acreage breadth of 92.4 actor hectares is adjudged to be acceptable for cultivation. Approximately bisected of this cultivable acreage is finer beneath abiding and abounding crops, while the blow is covered by backwoods copse land, abiding affirmation and congenital up areas. A allotment of the states, which accept the a lot of abounding land, areas are Niger (7.6 actor hectares) and Borno (2.8 actor hectares).

Agriculture crops in Nigeria are aggregate into cereals, basis and bake-apple crops, grains legumes and added legumes, oil seeds and nuts, timberline crops, and vegetable and fruits. Governments and the Ministries of Agronomics accept fabricated acreage accretion easy, encouraged agronomical practices, continued (still extending) allurement to adopted investors and accept put in abode several incentives to activate advance in the sector. Despite, the agronomical abeyant of Nigeria is almost getting broke and this explains the disability of the country to accommodated the ever-increasing appeal for agronomical articles and her rank as 55th in the apple (although aboriginal in Africa) in acreage output.

As the apple adventures aliment crisis and assiduous acceleration in ammunition price, the country’s agronomics offers complete opportunities for adopted investors and the apple at ample to accommodate solutions to these crises. Adopted investors will accretion investments in agronomics of amoroso cane, amoroso beet, candied sorghum, starch (corn/maize), approach oil, soybeans, jatropha, and algae. These articles are advantageous as they are abeyant for biofuels, a acceptable acting for drop fuel. Presently, there is a actual top appeal for these crops from the developed economies.

Solid Mineral is addition breadth with abounding investment opportunities. Nigeria is able with abounding mineral resources. Recent activity reforms accept brought the solid minerals breadth to the fore. The accent is on auspicious massive adopted investors’ accord in this breadth as beneath than 0.5 per cent is contributed to the Gross Calm Articles from Solid mineral sector. However, the Ministry of Mines and Animate and the Ministry of state’s focal absorption in the endure one year is to strategically abode the country in a bigger position to analyze and accomplishment just seven minerals in the deluge of minerals so as to access Gross Calm Product to 5 per cent aural the next few years. The seven cardinal minerals are coal, bitumen, limestone, iron-ore, barite, gold and advance / zinc.

Coal can be begin in Enugu, Benue and Kogi. Aural these three districts 396 actor metric tones can be approved application JORC allocation criteria, while an added 1,091 actor tones of accepted and academic atramentous resourced for the areas advised is 1481 actor tones.

Knowing absolutely that development of atramentous will abetment in the ability of energy, the Government and the Ministries are agreeable adopted investors to participate actively in the assay and corruption of the mineral. Companies such as Denver Assets and Western Metals accept already committed US$10 actor and US$15 actor appropriately for two atramentous fields in the country. Addition Chinese firm, Grid Xin Yuan All-embracing Investment Aggregation that is accouterment added than bisected of China’s electricity needs is aswell in the country, advertence their absorption in the development of a atramentous acreage in Kogi State.

The Bitumen assets in the country is estimated at added than 27 billion barrels of oil agnate while iron-ore is estimated at over 5 billion accepted affluence with attendance in Kogi, Enugu, Niger, Zamfara and Kaduna States. Gold in just 10 locations is estimated at 50,000 ounces, barites 10 actor metric tones and limestone at 2.3 abundance reserves.

Talc with an estimated assets of over 100 actor tones can be begin in Niger, Osun, Kogi, Kwara, Ogun, Taraba and Kaduna States.The colour of the Nigerian crumb varies from white through milky-white to grey. The crumb industry represents one of the a lot of able sectors of the automated minerals in the world. The corruption of the all-inclusive crumb deposits in Nigeria would accordingly amuse not alone the bounded demands but aswell that of the all-embracing bazaar as well.

The civic appeal for table salt, abrasive soda, chlorine, sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydrochloric acerbic and hydrogen achromatize exceeds one actor tones. A colossal bulk of money is expended annually to acceptation these chemicals. There are alkali springs at Awe (Platue State), Enugu, and Uburu ( Imo State), while bedrock alkali is accessible in Benue State. A complete assets of 1.5 billion tones has been indicated. Government, to ascertain the breakthrough of reserves, is now accustomed out added investigations.

In the aforementioned vain, ample bentonite affluence of 700 actor tones are accessible in abounding states of alliance accessible for massive development and exploitation, over 7.5 actor tones of barite been articular in Taraba and Bauchi states, and an estimated assets of 3 billion tones of acceptable kaolinific clays has aswell been identified.

Gemstone mining has boomed in assorted locations of Plateau, Kaduna and Bauchi States for years. Some of these gemstones cover Sapphire, Ruby, Aquamarine, Emerald, Tourmaline, Topaz, Gamet, Amethyst, Zircon, and Fluorspar, which are a allotment of the best in world. Acceptable affairs abide in this breadth for applicable investment. Compassionate that this breadth requires burning investment, the Ministry has directed miners who are still in baby artisan levels to anatomy cooperatives so as to account from Apple Coffer US$10 actor assistance. Apart from this, three Nigerian Banks accept aswell accustomed solid minerals lath with armamentarium of over US$ 8 actor anniversary for the development of the sector.

Foreign investors will accretion this breadth worth-investing on as Nigerian governments accept put in abode assorted incentives and strategies for investment such as 3-5 years tax holiday, deferred ability payments, accessible assets of amount on assay and surveys, addendum of basement and accouterment of 100% adopted buying of mining concerns.

Recognizing that alone a abiding macroeconomic ambiance and a complete and alive cyberbanking arrangement can actuate the abridgement to accomplish the country’s admiration to become one of 20 bigger economies in the apple by the year 2020, on the July 6, 2004 the Federal Government through the Central Coffer of Nigeria (CBN), beneath the administering of its Governor, Professor Charles Soludo launched a 13-point ameliorate calendar to restructure, refocus and strengthen the Nigerian Cyberbanking System. To accompaniment this agenda, addition complete abiding ameliorate calendar for the Cyberbanking Arrangement (the Cyberbanking Arrangement Strategy 2020-FSS2020) was launched. The admirable objectives of these agendas are essentially getting achieved. The country cyberbanking arrangement now comprises of strong, able and internationally aggressive banks with an eye for all-around markets, a basic bazaar with accomplished allotment on investment, in dollar terms, a complete and advantageous allowance industry and added aggressive cyberbanking participants.

Gordon was appropriate in his acquiescence to accept declared Nigeria as the a lot of activating bazaar in Africa. His appearance that “foreign investors, who will be all-around abounding to counterbalance the Nigerian Cyberbanking Arrangement on the acclaim accident angle about to the all-around event, will accretion the nation’s cyberbanking breadth added absorbing to advance and accession funds from” x-rays the accuracy about the country’s cyberbanking sector.

The country’s cyberbanking arrangement is the safest and the soundest it has anytime produced in history. It is the fastest growing cyberbanking arrangement in Africa and one of the fastest in the world. In fact, the a lot of outstanding addition arise ability of the country’s dream came from this sub-sector. Bread-and-butter analysts accept empiric that it has taken Nigeria beneath than 3 years to accomplish what it took South Africa 20 years to accomplish in the breadth of banking. In a abbreviate word, a world-class cyberbanking arrangement has emerged in Nigeria.

Statistically, cyberbanking breadth contributes 10 per cent to the Gross Calm Product (GDP) and represents 60 per cent of the banal bazaar capitalization, while there was a abridgement in the amount of banks from 89 to 25, the amount of banks branches rose by 33 per cent from 3383 in 2004 to 4500 in 2007. The complete asset abject of banks rose by 104 per cent from $ 26.8 billions ( 3.21 abundance naira) in 2004 to $54.7 billion ( 6.56 abundance naira) by mid 2007; basic and affluence rose by 192 per cent from $2.72 billion (327 billion naira) to $7.98 billion ( 957 billion naira); basic capability arrangement rose by 42.6 per cent, point from 15.18 per cent to 21.6 per cent and arrangement of non-performing loans complete accommodation bigger massively by 51.3 per cent, point from 19.5 per cent to 9.5 per cent. The breadth has aswell remained one of the a lot of assisting in the country’s basic market. It was acclaimed that 13 out of 21 quoted banks on the Nigerian Banal Barter recorded allotment in balance of 100 per cent back January 2007.

According to the April 2008 copy of the African Business, (the acknowledged Pan-African Business Anniversary arise in London) 18 out of 28 West African Companies with bazaar capitalisation of added than $1 billion are Nigerian Banks. The anniversary declared that Aboriginal Coffer Nigeria Plc with bazaar assets of $7.4 billion charcoal the bigger aggregation in West Africa. Two added Nigerian banks namely Intercontinental Coffer Plc and United Coffer for Africa (UBA) abide the added and the third bigger companies in the sub-region with bazaar assets of $6.2 billion and $4.6 billion respectively.

Apparently, the ascent course of banks in the country from all break has fabricated the sub-sector actual attractive, not alone to bounded investors, but aswell to adopted investors, and in particular, adopted banks. For instance, the alliance of Regent Bank, Chartered Coffer and IBTC to anatomy IBTC Chartered Coffer admiring the absorption of the Standard Coffer Group, the bigger cyberbanking academy in Africa with a bazaar assets of $ 17.8 billion, whose accessory Stanbic Bank, aswell of South Africa has just closed a Merger accord for the latest Merger in the country, Stanbic IBTC Coffer Plc. In this direction, added adopted banks accept started authoritative enquiries with CBN of a accessible Merger or take-over.

To added actualize the opportunities the cyberbanking sub-sector offers the all-around investors, a brief attending into Intercontinental Coffer Plc will acknowledge the success of cyberbanking arrangement in the country. Intercontinental Coffer Plc is accepted to be the added bigger companies in West Africa to accept recorded a astounding advance in gross earnings, which stood at $1.45 billion ( 173.5 billion naira) in 2008. This is an access of 99 per cent over the $728 actor (87.4 billion naira) in 2007, accumulation afterwards tax grew by 102 per cent to $380 actor ( 45.6 billion naira) as adjoin $188 actor (22.6 billion) in 2007, while the basic abject rose to $1.67 billion from $1.31 billion. The coffer drop abject soared to $8.75 billion ( 1.05 abundance naira), an access of 126 per cent from $3.9 billion (468 billion naira) in 2007, while the complete assets aswell recorded a breakthrough bound to $14.2 billion (1.7 abundance naira), apery a advance of 108 per cent from $6.86 billion( 823 billion).

The coffer is aswell in cardinal affiliation with BNP Paribas, the apple arch activity costs bank, Afrexim Bank; Consign Development Canada (EDC); Accounts for Development (FMO); China Exim Bank; Export-Import of United States; All-embracing Accounts Corporation in costs projects in altered sectors of the economy. However, it is accordant to say that the success recorded by Intercontinental coffer is a acceptable archetype of the Nigerian banks’ backbone and prospects, and a affidavit to opportunities accessible to all-around investors in the country’ cyberbanking sector.

Apart from the above, Nigerian Basic Bazaar offers applicable opportunities as it is positioned to advice companies to accession capital, and to accomplish top allotment on investment. Its complete bazaar assets has developed by over 4000 per cent to $100 billion (12 abundance naira) in March, 2008, up from $2.39 billion (287 billion naira ) in August 1999.Among arising markets, the Nigerian Basic bazaar charcoal one of the a lot of applicable in agreement of allotment on equity. Historically, the bazaar has delivered 28 per cent returns.

Insurance industry is not an absolution to this advance and development the country’s cyberbanking breadth is witnessing. Although there are few atramentous spots on the authoritative handling, the industry has appropriately recorded success in their reforms and operations. With the arrival of able-bodied capital, allowance companies are now faced with the challenges of carrying allotment to shareholders, maximizing bulk and exploring across markets. Their attendance can be acquainted in countries like Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sao Tome, South Africa a allotment of others.

Although Goldman Sachs’ address blue-blooded “New Bazaar Analyst” with affair amount 08/09 arise on March 13, 2008 (cited in the Thisday bi-weekly March 19,2008) posited that Nigeria is a bigger abridgement than South Africa, All-embracing Monetary Armamentarium (IMF) arise that Nigeria and South Africa got abutting to 50 per cent of the $53 billion clandestine disinterestedness and debt breeze to Sub-Saharan Africa in 2007. This underscores the growing aplomb of All-embracing bodies and adopted investors in country’s cyberbanking breadth and abridgement at large.

Furthermore, Fitch Rating Agency and the Standard and Poor rated Nigeria BB-(minus) in the breadth of complete credit, top in development of bounded bill debt market, and low in the areas of debt to GDP arrangement and inflation. The opportunities for advance in Nigeria cyberbanking breadth are still able as the basal fundamentals alive the advance are still present. All these and more, position the cyberbanking breadth and the country at ample as a arch and a lot of activating bazaar in Africa and present applicable investment opportunities to all-around investors.

Needless to say that the opportunities presented aloft are archetypal examples and an affirmation of opportunities apprehension adopted investors in added sectors of the economy.

Nigeria is the bigger ambassador and exporter of oil in Africa (although afresh placed added abaft Angola in the latest OPEC address as a aftereffect of Niger Delta Crisis) with a assembly of 2.5 actor barrels and aloft a day. Besides, the Nigeria is the 7th world’s gas assets holder and the accomplished afire nation in the world, with the abeyant to become a aloft amateur in LNG export. It has anniversary gas flares’ accommodation to accomplish over 12000 MW of electricity bare to activate the advance of any economy. Although it currently flares an boilerplate of 1.2 TCF of gas annually, the breadth has the abeyant to accomplish abounding allotment on investment.

One of the greatest opportunities apprehension adopted investors is Complete Acreage / Property. For instance, Lagos Metropolis with a citizenry of about 18 actor has accomplished mega city-limits status. The Accompaniment has one of the accomplished urbanization ante in the apple according to the Apple Bank. Consequently, there is an clamorous appeal for apartment delivery, which has apprenticed the addition of the New Clandestine Acreage Developers Scheme. Beneath the programme, the government will accomplish ample accoutrements of acreage alignment from 1 to 25 hectares accessible to accumulated organizations able of adventure development and accumulation of apartment units. Such alignment accept to about authenticate that they accept the cyberbanking accommodation and abstruse ability to bear superior and affordable apartment units.

Among added sectors of the abridgement that adopted investors will accretion applicable and worth-investing on are Transport, Activity and Entertainment, Tourism, Ability and Steel, Consign Processing Zones, Privatization. And accessible annal acknowledge that the bulk of allotment in these sectors is as top as in the sectors discussed above.

Apart from the opportunities mentioned aloft which our appointment is strategically positioned to aerate opportunities for the account of -to-be investors. We aswell activity consultancy casework in the areas of accepted management, manufacturing, marketing, accounts and accounting, personnel, assay and development, packaging, administration, all-embracing operation, specialized casework and added value-adding services. And our cardinal affiliation with civic and all-embracing companies put us in position to bear superior account and top allotment on investment.

Nevertheless, there accept been fears aloft by all-embracing observers, agents and bodies that Nigeria is a high-risk nation for investment and added business transactions. This development is attributed to security, assorted taxation, epileptic ability supply, bad anchorage and poor plan environment.

It may arise that accomplishing business in Nigeria is arduous because of the activities of a few capricious Nigerians who are unscrupulous. But such are artlessly assuming of animal nature; as it can be begin anywhere abroad in the world. It accept to be said absolutely that the apple has been biased in their acumen and assay of Nigeria aegis issue. There accept never been agitator attacks, suicide bombings or kidnapping until afresh if the affair of Niger Delta came on board.

Niger Delta region-the antecedent of nation’s oil wealth- has become an breadth of abiding tension, agitation, and recently, militancy. However, a assemblage of factors such as ecology accident by oil exploitation, abortion to advance the region, abridgement of job opportunities and faculty of abysmal denial from the low allotment of ancestry acquirement accruing to the states in the region, has led to the present situation. Acknowledging their situation, the Federal Government has organised a Summit, to be chaired by Professor Ibrahim Gambari, the United Nations Beneath Secretary General, to accommodate abiding band-aid to the crisis. Frankly speaking, Nigeria is a safe and investment-friendly abode and Nigerians are all-around and industrious.

Cyber Abomination is addition alarming crime, which generally put-off -to-be investors from involving or advance in the business opportunities in Nigeria. This abomination was in fact alien into the country by expatriates. It has never been allotment of Nigeria culture. It is perpetrated by a few area of the population. Their operations are agitated out via Internet and their targets are humans who transact business via the medium. They affectation as government admiral and sometimes as businessmen with United Kingdom character who accord in agenda products. About the account of their tricks and operations is not exhaustive. With the advice of Bread-and-butter and Cyberbanking Abomination Commission (EFCC), Independent Corrupt Practices and Related Commission (ICPC), and added Anti-Criminal Agencies, Cyber Abomination and their perpetrators are beneath ascendancy and disappearing.

The admirable cold of the present administration, as encapsulated in VISION 2020, is to accomplish Nigeria a aloft automated and bread-and-butter power, and one of the 20 bigger economies in the Apple by the year 2020 by accouterment enabling investment and business ambiance and best aegis for alive accord of bounded and particularly, adopted investors. The ability of these aspirations had abreast the abolitionist and businesslike reforms advised to access the affability of Nigeria’s investment opportunities and advance the growing aplomb in the economy. In this direction, the Federal Government has provided incentives and strategies for investment such as 3-5 years tax holiday, deferred royalty, accessible assets of amount and accouterment of infrastructures such as alley and electricity, just to acknowledgment a few.

African abridgement is witnessing the arch advance in 30 years; no doubt, Nigeria is one of the aloft contributors to this development. A lot of commentators accept empiric that the opportunities for business and investment in the country attending added aflush with GDP advance of 7 per cent in 2007 and 13 per cent in the next 12 years. The All-embracing Monetary Armamentarium (IMF) anticipation of 9 per cent advance bulk for Nigeria in 2008 (which is added to India 10 per cent and advanced of China 8 per cent) lays acceptance to their observations.

Furthermore, the access in Adopted Complete Investment, the access of bunch companies, the able cyberbanking sector, the favourable and amazing business environment, the government support, the abounding accustomed resources, and the citizenry of over 140 actor people, a allotment of others, put Nigeria in a allusive ( and possibly absolute) advantage over added African countries.

Just as it is difficult to avoid China as a bazaar in the all-around arena, (one out of every 5 bodies in the apple is Chinese) so is it actual difficult to avoid Nigeria as a bazaar in Africa (one out of every three bodies in Africa is Nigerian). With a citizenry of over 140 actor humans and its bread-and-butter potential, Nigeria still charcoal Africa a lot of important market.


Unlike China and India, African economy(developing economies) is yet to be chip into the apple economy. This is as a aftereffect of apathetic bulk of affiliation and globalization at which the abridgement is getting anchored into the all-around bread-and-butter and cyberbanking system. Consequently, developing economies will alone ache a bound cyberbanking appulse from the acclaim crunch. However, this is not to say that developing economies are in abreast and absolutely chargeless from the crisis.

To admission a point, this cardboard will abide to use Nigerian abridgement for its assay as it represents a archetype of a developing abridgement with accurate and ample variables.

According to the address from a afresh assured Bankers Committee Meeting, which concluded on October 20 th, 2008 , the Nigerian banks are safe as they accomplish at 22 per cent basic capability ratio( 14 per cent aloft the apple 8 per cent requirement) and the cyberbanking breadth is far from getting afflicted by the accepted all-around cyberbanking crisis. The address aswell posits that any bail-out arrangement is accidental as the bearings that acceptable bail-out schemes in developed economies- poor superior assets and abundant accommodation losses consistent from acknowledgment to clumsily collateralised mortgage loans- is absent in Nigeria. To accentuate its point, the address acclaimed that, as the Complete Adopted Investment in Nigerian banks is analogously low and the banks affiliation with their adopted counterparts is about fixed, the appulse of the crisis will be bound and indirect.


The words of Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the Managing Director of All-embracing Monetary Fund, at a affair in Washington D.C are the bend stones of the absolute thoughts of this paper. He fatigued as follow:

We accommodated at an extra-ordinarily difficult time- a time of ambiguity and insecurity, with a crisis that those fears advance us abroad from- not towards- a added across-the-board and acceptable globalization….At its best, multilateralism is a agency for analytic problems a allotment of countries, with the accumulation at the table all-around to yield effective activity together. If multilateralism is dysfunctional, globalization can be a Babel of Tower, with aggressive civic interests colliding to account none. The new multilateralism, suiting our times, is acceptable to be a adjustable network, not anchored system. It needs to aerate the strengths of abutting actors, accessible and private, bartering and civilian association Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). The multilateralism accept to account accompaniment sovereignties while analytic commutual problems that transcend borders…The clandestine breadth cannot restore aplomb on its own. Macroeconomic activity measures by governments cannot restore aplomb on their own. Piecemeal measures on cyberbanking markets will not restore aplomb on their own. What will restore aplomb is government action which is clear, complete and accommodating a allotment of countries..The apple accept to act quickly, angrily and cooperatively to accommodate the advancing cyberbanking and bread-and-butter downturn.

Thus, the position of this cardboard is that the aplomb will alone be adequate if “government action which is clear, complete and cooperative” is complemented with investment in developing economies with beneath or no crisis appulse as “flexible multilateralism” and accommodating and acceptable globalization is band-aid that apparel our time, not” bread-and-butter isolationism”.

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You’ll give yourself a huge head start and increase your chances of real success by making sure you get the proper coaching and mentoring. That’s why choosing the right leader is so important.

If you’re considering GRN as a possible business opportunity, here are 3 things you need to know.

1) Global Resorts Network is a Legitimate Online Business.

Global Resorts Inc is a real company with actual corporate offices, real officers, and real employees. As an affiliate with Global Resorts Network you represent a 22 year old company that offers exclusive luxury resort memberships at an 80% discount.

The product has stand-alone real world value and is backed by the integrity of a proven company with an impeccable track record spanning more than 2 decades.

As an affiliate with Global Resorts you have the opportunity to earn a legitimate 6 figure income in your first 12 months. At the same time, there are some Global affiliates who make absolutely no any money at all.

So here’s the real question you need to ask yourself: Is GRN the right fit for you? And if you do join, how can you be successful?

2) Choosing the Right Business is crucial to your success online.

So ask yourself, is Global Resorts Network a business that you’re comfortable with? Do you personally like to travel? Would you take advantage of the deep discounts to stay at 4 and 5 star resorts? Are you excited to be part of a thriving $7 trillion a year Travel Industry?

Can you see yourself marketing a product that is effectively recession proof and not only offers exceptional value to consumers but also a very lucrative business opportunity for you and your team?

Before you make a decision you should have a crystal clear idea of the exact steps you’ll need to take in order to build a successful business with GRN so you can make the kind of money you’re here to make and live the lifestyle you desire.

3) Joining The Right Leader is the Key to Your Success.

If you want to make real money online you need to know how to market effectively. The proven path to marketing success is by joining a leader who knows what they’re doing and will take the time to share their knowledge with you.

Your leader should be proficient with the principals of personal branding and attraction marketing, and have mastered the essential marketing techniques like video marketing, article marketing, keyword research, AdWords and PPC, blogging, social media, etc.

It’s important that your leader have a proven system that you can duplicate. So make sure you choose a mentor who understands automated systems and can teach you how to leverage the power of technology.

In a nutshell, your coach should show you everything they personally do to structure their business, including the exact marketing strategies, tactics and tools they use.

In the initial stages you’ll need more hands-on coaching, and there should be an established training platform with video tutorials and other information you can access 24/7.

In the end of the day, if you want to achieve real success with Global Resorts Network and earn serious income, you will need to learn how to market effectively.

So it really comes down to, who do you join, what kind of coaching & mentoring are you going to get, is there a system that you can duplicate, and does the system work. If you have all these elements in place, you absolutely can succeed with this business.

It’s really not that difficult, once you have the right vehicle and someone to show you the ropes. All you have to do is work hard, stay focused, and apply what you learn.

And one of most powerful advantages with Global Resorts Network is a compensation plan that leverages the power of team building so that you can earn serious money simply by learning how to market effectively and then teaching others how to do the same.

Being an affiliate with GRN can be an extremely lucrative opportunity if you have right marketing skills, know how to generate traffic and get your offer in front of the right target audience.

If you decide that Global is a good fit for you, your next step is to find a leader who will teach you how to market effectively and avoid the pitfalls so you can accelerate your learning curve, master the principles of smart marketing, and become profitable as soon as possible.

Will Schwartz is a professional marketer, author, and mentor who trains serious entrepreneurs on the skills and techniques to be successful in network marketing and direct sales.

An expert on Global Resorts Network, Will teaches comprehensive integrated Attraction Marketing strategies using SEO, Video Marketing, Article Marketing, AdWords and PPC, Social Media, Team Development, List Building, Personal Development and Advanced Closing Techniques.

CCS Global Tech Review

California Creative Solution Inc. Offers leading-edge development solutions for Retail, Mortgage, Finance, Healthcare and legal.

California Creative Solution is a leading global IT solution provider which provides end-to-end IT solution and services to business owners. It has grown every year exponentially and has taken great pride in providing professional and technological based services. It has a large team of passionate IT professional which are specialized in a wide range of technologies as well as growing the industry domain knowledge to rapidly address business requirements.

CCS provides solutions for information technology operations for various enterprises. In this regards, it offers full software programming solutions which includes IT services, Offshore Software Development Solutions with services such as outsourcing software development, Web Development, Offshore software development, Offshore Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Multimedia and Design Solutions. It delivers services through global delivery model which presents custom software development, including C++ and Java programming, UNIX/Linux and embedded software development, database design and consulting, application re-engineering and re-factoring, and creation of distribution packages with application installation.

The main motto of CCS Global Tech is to set up dedicated offshore development teams for out sourced product development, maintenance and independent software testing. CCS is aimed at offering custom development services and tailor-made solutions to help businesses cater to high market demand. These solutions are not only beneficial for the organizations, but also help business houses to grow and sustain in the age of competition. It also offers a diverse selection of software solutions; and modify existing software and web development based applications to suit your business needs. Simultaneously, it utilizes its experience in large scale e-governance projects and bring value to its customers with its domain experience, management and technical expertise. It offers leading-edge development and deployment solutions to suit different user preferences for greater ease of use and maximum productivity.

The fact is California Creative Solution provides the services which have become a hot favorite for the business owners that indulge in online business. And once you rely on CCS Global Tech you can be ensure about achieving exceptional results with the software development services using the best technologies. California Creative Solution is a califonia based software development company that offers you back to back services in different areas like Microsoft SharePoint, Mobile Applications, Mobile Applications QA, Business Intelligence (BI), Compliance, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining and Analysis, Dash Boards and Reporting, System-to-System Integrations, Custom Software Development.

The conclusion said that, the success of any business depends on defining and executing proper business processes. In this regards, California Creative Solution helps the online business owner by developing dynamic software applications that mechanize the business processes and let efficient communications between everyone who belongs to the business.

Instant Global Traffic REVIEW – Easiest Way to Create an Article With One Click

Would you like to learn about Instant Global Traffic Review? Do you expect to find out more concerning the credibility of Andrew Tucker? Or is Instant Global Traffic Scam or legitimate product? You will find the answers in this honest review!

Perhaps you may recognize article marketing only as a way to drive traffic or as a backlink creator. While this is true, article marketing can and does do a lot more. But the big question is find out how to make money with marketing with articles? Let’s examine the answer to this question.

The problem with this specific question is some Online marketers that do not understand article marketing look to achieve notion that you cannot make money using this method. This is the false and unfounded misunderstanding.

Listed here few ways to profit from your article marketing efforts.

– Repurpose an article. Articles are great content that is repurposed into an information product. Since it takes both information and content to create an info product along the lines of an e-book or survey, articles fill this motive. Not only can a build up of articles become e-books and even reports, they can additionally become audio or movie products

Submitting your article content for distribution:

You can get done this in 3 methods:

Manually: You can submit to the major article banks your self. However this takes just a little bit more time you will discover there are a couple of advantages. Firstly you are able to track your articles more suitable by seeing which articles are receiving picked up the virtually all. Surprisingly different article internet sites will show varying results. However you can gage your most widely used articles and list the actual titles for possible experiences and mini courses. Of course this technique of submitting is free.

Software: You will pay a one off fee for article software or maybe a monthly fee, depending on what you use and with one click of your mouse your article will be sent to multiple internet sites, libraries and lists for example. this could save you quite a bit of time but sometimes application is limited.

Make use of a service: A good service can provide great exposure for your article and could save you time. Services are especially perfect for popular industries like starting business opportunity, online marketing and your health. You will usually compensate a one off fee a great article and there is generally a discount for submitting multiple articles.

Article marketing can also assist promote your business in other ways.

Web content: Another method of promoting your business is through content. This is especially beneficial to promoting affiliate products whenever you want to pre sell your visitors and encourage them to click through to your sponsor’s website. You will use different articles to draw visitors to your website. Popular ones are:

Information: people love information. When you want to buy something it is likely you like to learn a little more about it before everyone make your purchase. Your website visitors are no different. When they know a great deal more about your product they are willing to increase their trust in you including your product and often earn the purchase. People are intrigued to learn more about a certain industry and they’re going to stay at your website longer to enjoy a book your articles. This will cause them to become continue reading your website and they’re going to very often click through to your sales page to find what you are providing.

Humorous anecdotes: Everyone loves to brighten up their day with a laugh. Your readers will delight in your stories and stay at your website to read more. This will help the crooks to feel good about you and peruse into your offers. If your stories are interesting your prospective customers will tell others about your website.

Reviews: Reviews are always a genuine read for your prospects. A lot of people nowadays are not going to buy anything unless they read a review about it or more than get someone’s opinion around the product. Your review needs to be honest not one sided or people will not believe what you assert. Done right this is among the best ways to pre sell a physical product. If this is an affiliate product, be very sure which you have bought it and chosen it. In this way you’ll be able to give the top review.

They are just a few points to help you to make your article advertising effective and profitable. Always remember nothing beats the power belonging to the word.

Now, let’s talk about Instant Global Traffic created by Andrew Tucker and just how it might help you. I really hope this short Instant Global Traffic Review will aid you to differentiate whether Instant Global Traffic is Scam or perhaps a Genuine.

Instant Global Traffic is an online based business opportunity designed by simply Andrew Tucker. It is software that makes it possible to create an article together with one click, and submit it to so many article directory sites. IGT will not require any experience or expertise to perform. What you would need is almost always to just use it. Countless review sites Available offering this opportunity are individuals who positively recommend this product because they earned over $40, 000 per 30 days, after only two months of using it. The discounted cost with the software is $47 and there is only a limited availablility of copies available.

Instant Global Traffic is a legit tool to help you in earning money on line. Utilizing the program could actually help your articles get alot more exposure by being submitted to many people different article directories. It is important for many people to recognize that though it might be marketed like this, IGT is not attending be the only income source for a beginner since you are still learning the process.

Though a lot of individuals have made money while using product but they are all who have experience in the on the internet market. You can be successful in making money with this software but you need to learn the fundamentals. Instant Global Traffic is a great tool to have if you understand what it is and how it gets results. It is a solid money-making system as long as you use it. If you do nothing, do not expect to earn a single cent.

Be Sure to Purchase Global Travel Insurance Before You Leave the Country

Traveling overseas can offer you thrill and adventure or it can provide you with lucrative business opportunities. Regardless of why you are traveling you are sure to experience new sights and sounds. The last thing you need is to worry about what should happen if you become ill or have an accident. You also do not want your trip to be spoiled by lost luggage or unforeseen circumstances that can delay or cancel your trip. You can easily take the uncertainty out of your trip by purchasing global.

If you are just considering the purchase of Global then you need to stop right there and make up your mind that this is one expense you should not try to avoid. You only need a small mishap to cause large financial consequences. World wide can eliminate this possibility. If you have already decided to purchase global then it is good for you. All that’s left is to do is determine which policy is right for you.

The first thing you need to think about is whether or not you need that will cover just one trip or if it makes more sense to buy a policy that will cover all the trips you will be taking for an entire year. You will also need to consider how comprehensive you want your policy to be. Do you just need medical coverage or would you feel more comfortable with an all inclusive global policy? The specific price you pay will depend on how many features your policy includes.

No matter what type of policy you think will best insure you the way you need it, you should make sure that when you are comparing your options you take a very close look at medical coverage. This is the most important aspect of global since it is very likely that your personal medical policy will not cover overseas travel. When you consider how costly it can be to be evacuated should you fall ill while traveling, you can understand why this is so important. Depending on which overseas location you are visiting, a medical evacuation can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

When you are ready to start shopping for your global policy a very good place to start is the Internet. With just a quick Internet search you’ll find a wide variety of companies offering a full range of global. From comprehensive worldwide coverage to travel medical insurance only, you will be able to find both individual company sites and industry portals that can provide you with quotes for multiple companies.

To be on the safe side it is a good idea to do some research on the company that is offering the policy. It doesn’t do you much good to have a global policy if the company that is underwriting doesn’t stand by its claims. Using the web you should be able to find customer reviews as well as other information that can help you determine how financially sound the companies you are considering are.

Global Domains International Reviews Unleashed – Will This Company Last the Test of Time?

There are many global domains international reviews on the Internet but I realize that many of them are really talking bad about the company themselves. That’s the reason why I decided to write this article today. This company has been around since 1999 and yet people are talking very negative about it.

But if you really look deep down at the core of what they’re talking about their really angry about their failures and how they didn’t make any money. Look I have been in this industry for long time now and have failed miserably for many of my years.

The one thing you should understand is that by blaming the company and not yourself you’re really never going to get anywhere. You have to be able to put the blame on your shoulders and when you do it’s a very liberating feeling.

How can you call a company that has been around for over 10 years a scam? This is sort of humorous when you think about it and I realize that people who write blogs and write reviews about this company in a negative way have no idea what they’re talking about.

They most likely want you to join their opportunity because they feel they have the next best thing. Don’t fall for these types of reviews and analysis because it’s hardly ever true.

If you are thinking to join this company you may be making a very smart decision but also understand and realize that it’s going to take some work on your part. The people who are making the most money put the most time in with their business and if you can do that and there is no reason why you cannot cash in with this industry.

A Honest Third Party Global Verge Review

This Global Verge Review is from a third party this is not affiliated with this company.

Global Verge is a standard MLM company, which has a few twists to it that may make it more profitable than some others may. The company offers a range of tech based products such as VOIP, cell phone service, power saver, identity theft and water from air. This is just a small sampling of the companies product offerings.

As is common in this type of enterprise there are varying levels of participation beginning with an intro package costing around $19.95 which entitles the associate to direct sales commissions and second level sales commissions, going all the way to a Propack at $99.95 which allows the sales force to accrue maximum profit for the recruiter. Distributors can purchase all products at wholesale prices and can mark them up as they wish to make a profit. The higher the level you start ie. pro vs starter the greater the commissions you earn. The Pro package level is where you will want to be if you have plans to build a large sales force of disbtrutors within your organization. Profits are based on active associates.

Global Verge boasts that 80% of the profit goes directly back into the commission and compensation hub. The sales force which is directly below the associates will also bring in profits with a plan called ‘Flex Pay’.

Compensation and profit accrue in several ways according to Global Verge.

The first and primary is the direct sales commission – profit earned from buying wholesale and selling at retail.
A 3 X 9 Flex pay system that places the associate in the first available spot directly under the sponsor.
A new commission plan where associates earn compensation up to 9 levels deep from the retails sales of their sales force.
Top performers also earn a global bonus based on their annual sales.
The Matrix system and flex pay system are as outlined by Global Verge planned to keep the money rolling back into the system rather than stalling in little pockets. There is also a product upline commission available however; this is not applicable for those top 20 associates with the most personal sales in a category. A portion of each retail sale is divided up to 9 levels upward.

The style of this comp plan is very differed and is different from most other MLM companies with the way it pays out. It ensures that the profits from the sales of it’s products are divided and paid out to it’s associated at all the levels.

Global Verge’s products are very much legit and the incentives have been put in place to not only recruit but to also market the products to the public. Your selling efforts are definatly rewareded with the commissions you make on your sales as well as your residual earnings from the matrix system.

The variable investment packages allow the associate to test the waters with the Intropackage without going full out and then head for deeper water later with Global Verge’s Propackage. The math seems workable the company has a slick little website and plenty of products available to make Global Verge attractive from both an MLM standpoint and a direct sales commission standpoint.

Like any MLM opportunity you need to have a endless supply of prospects coming into your sales funnel if you are going to be successful in this industry. If you want to learn REAL STRATEGIES that will drive and endless supply of hungry prospects to your opportunity then review the links below to learn more.

Global Cotton Industry Overview

The cotton industry is constantly striving to develop new and improved methods for producing quality products at a reasonable price. The cotton industry continues to look toward the future at further improving their product while providing employment opportunities for millions of people in a variety of related areas.

Cotton related job opportunities can be found from the farm where the cotton is produced to the department store where the garments are sold. Cotton supports the dairy industry by providing a source of food for the milk cows.

Cotton seed can be processed to produce oil for cooking and blending with food products. Jobs can be found in the trucking and transportation industry as it is often transported thousands of miles from the cotton gins to the cotton mills, and then again to the distribution outlets.

Transforming the cotton boll through the processes of delinting and cleaning at the gin to processing at the mill for spinning and weaving fabric requires a trained labor force.

The dying of fabric and the assembly of clothing and other products can provide employment for many. High quality papers requiring cotton and paper mills employ thousands annually. The fashion industry needs trained individuals to select the proper combination of fabrics and design to market them to the public. Fashion models rely on these products in their profession. Thecotton industry continues to find new and improved uses for cotton worldwide and the public fuels continuous demand for this important commodity. With cotton having all these uses and benefits, it has certainly lived up to the name it was given years ago….”White Gold”.

Cotton supports the livelihoods of at least 10 million people in West and Central Africa, where it is a typical, and often dominant, smallholder cash crop. Because it is one of the few viable cash crops in this area of Africa, developments in world markets for the fiber have major implications in the fight against rural poverty. A 40 percent reduction in price-equivalent to the price decline from December 2000 to May 2002-is estimated to imply a 7 percent reduction in rural income in Benin, a typical West African cotton pro-ducer (Minot and Daniels 2002). Cotton also has macroeconomic significance in several countries of the region, as it accounts for approximately 40 percent of total merchandise export earnings in Benin and Burkina Faso, and 30 percent in Chad and Mali. Its contribu-tion to GDP in these and other developing countries ranges from 5 to more than 8 percent.

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) estimates that 100 million rural households were involved in cotton production worldwide in 2001. Among the countries in which cotton is an important contributor to rural livelihoods are China, India, and Pakistan-where 45, 10, and 7 million rural households, respectively were en-gaged in cotton production. In African producing countries, including Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Mali, and Zimbabwe, the number of rural households depending on cotton totaled 6 million.

In the early 2000s, low cotton prices, combined with high support for the sector in some of the major producing countries, brought several reactions. SomeWest African gov-ernments were forced to support their cotton growers directly from the government budget, as the price of cotton on the world market fell below the cost of producing it. In India, a minimum-price-guarantee mechanism was triggered, prompting the government to provide $0.5 billion in support in 2002. Brazil initiated a consultation process before the World Trade Organization (WTO), claiming losses to its cotton exports due to subsidies by the United States. More recently, fourWest African cotton producing countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, and Mali) have pressed through the WTO for removal of support to the cotton sector.

The importance of these issues has been widely recognized by the international community, and several strategic planning meetings have been convened by the World Bank (jointly with the International Cotton Advisory Committee), the European Commis-sion, and the WTO. In the context of the current meeting, the objective of this paper is to review the market setting and the global and country-specific policy issues, the responses to date of the significant players in the cotton market, and possible options for individual country policy-makers and international donors.

Building a Successful Global Resorts Network & Affiliate Marketing Team

An important question for beginner and aspiring internet marketers trying to build a successful team, is whether or not you should ever discourage someone from signing up for your [fill in the blank – affiliate program] and in effect, turn down a sale and basically refuse $.

My answer: Absolutely, without a doubt.

My personal experience when I was in the beginner learning stages of internet marketing taught me this very valuable lesson that too many people ignore. It often comes back to haunt these people.

I started off as an early affiliate of the Global Resorts Network. It took a month for me to start seeing a profit. When I started collecting those commissions checks, it was a greatest feeling; better than any paycheck I have received working for any law firm, because I did this myself, on my own terms.

So what’s the problem?

Few newbies are warned about what I like to call “bad sales”. It’s understandable in the beginning – your main focus is just to break even at first, and then make a profit. Who has time to stop and worry about who they actually sign up. But I learned my lesson and hope you will heed this advice.

Here is the cold-hard truth, with no sugar coating —

In this industry, you get a lot of people we call “tire kickers”. They consist mostly of people who have no real intention of buying or working with you, and will do nothing but waste your time by asking endless skeptical questions, knowing full well no matter what answer they receive, they either never had the intention to participate, or simply don’t have the money and are wasting your time with questions despite this fact. Most have no real interest in “buying” or playing ball. However, be aware of tire kickers that actually do buy. They can be MUCH worse.

These forms of tire kickers are often extremely lazy and negative-minded people who expect something for nothing; this is why get-rich-quick schemes particularly appeal to them. They want a shortcut to wealth and success without putting in the effort, time, or money. They blame everyone but themselves, including of course, you (the sponsor).

Through my years in affiliate marketing, I have learned to spot these people from a mile away. They ask the same questions and demand the same answers. They fill their energy and time with complaints and skepticism. This is why they will NEVER succeed. I don’t work with these people anymore. I simply turn them away. Why not just pocket the $1000 and forget about them? 2 reasons:

1 I want to build a team. My team members know I cultivate their success because it ultimately benefits us all. Tire kickers not only can not succeed because of their attitude, but they will actually bring the rest of the team members down with their negativity and unwillingness to put in the work.
2 They will make your life extremely difficult. A tire kicker loves to blame you for all their failures. You can expect to receive multiple emails a day demanding that you do this or that for them. They do not want to do the work themselves, even when you provide guidance and training. They often think you are their employee or assistant after they sign up.

I had 2-3 bad sales in my long history with the Global Resorts Network. They were not worth the $3000 I earned, trust me.

I now screen my team much more carefully, making sure that they have the attitude, motivation, and willingness to work successfully with me. This is especially important when you are a successful internet marketer and have a team that grows daily. This filtering of members benefits everyone. I’ve discouraged many people that I did not think had what it takes to succeed in internet marketing. On the other hand, I’ve also recommended different affiliate and home-based businesses to different people, depending on each person’s individual strengths and weaknesses.